Viewed – 01 April 2011  Blu-ray

Following an illicit affair, a pregnant gangster’s moll is forced to send her lover away.  In the years that follow she brings up her daughter alone, who is born with autism and the unique ability to mimic the martial arts of her movie heroes.  The daughter then chooses to fight against her mother’s enemies when her mother falls ill, and unleashes remarkable fighting skills!


This action thriller from Thailand may lack the production values or acting talent of their Hong Kong brethren, but makes up for this with a return to traditional, realistic stunt work and non-wire enhanced kung-fu (similar to the early work of Jackie Chan).  Main star Jeeja Yanin is a revelation, delivering a stunning physical performance in some imaginative sequences.  However, the surrounding story whilst engaging is very amateurish with many plot elements and characters either poorly explored or ignored completely.  Also the characters, such as the villain and his cross-dressing henchmen (!) remain bizarre at best and not particularly threatening.  Also for a movie that is sold on its fight choreography, this is let down a little by poor editing that at times fails to hide unfinished moments in what would otherwise be very impressive stunt work.  This is all the more frustrating when you consider the many brilliant stunts and kung-fu acrobatics on display.  That being said this is still good entertainment and I’d certainly be interested to see what actress JeeJa Yanin appears in next.

Why its called Chocolate though, is anyone’s guess.

Verdict:  3 /5

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