The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

Viewed – 24 March 2011  Blu-ray

That’s a very misleading title for a movie, as this is less about the title character’s disappearance (and anyone searching for her) and much more about her kidnapping and the two criminal’s intentions.  Yet this above average brit-thriller sees current hot property Gemma Arterton (Prince Of Persia) as the aforementioned Alice, a rich girl who is kidnapped and held captive in an apartment that’s been carefully transformed into an escape-proof prison.  Will the criminals get their ransom money?  Or will Alice escape?

Starring season character actor Eddie Marson (he’s in everything, trust me on this) as the brains behind the kidnapping, as well as Martin Compston as his more nervy, conflicted accomplice, this is well acted and powerful, with an especially brave, daring turn from Arterton who bares more than a little flesh for her art.  As a concept, it’s nothing new, and some of the twists are easy to guess (apart from one, involving a kiss, which is all I’ll say), but regardless, this was still riveting and hard-hitting enough to impress. 

As the debut feature from British writer-director J Blakeson, previously only known for penning The Descent: Part 2 … this could also offer a glimpse of a new talent to look out for.

Verdict:  4 /5

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