Little Big Soldier

Viewed – 21 March 2011  DVD

Action legend Jackie Chan stars as a peasant soldier in ancient China who survives a battle only to discover that the General of the opposing army is also alive, but injured.  Seeing the General as his meal ticket to a reward, he takes him hostage.  Along the way they face obstacles such as blood thirsty bandits and a cunning woman out for revenge, whilst an evil Prince attempts to track them down.

Based on a story by Chan himself, this enjoyable adventure film offered some beautiful locations, with some gorgeous cinematography and an interesting story with a likable turn from Chan and good support from Leehom Wang as the general.  Marketed as an action-comedy however, this didn’t particularly excel in either department.  It’s mildly amusing and has a few moments of quality acrobatics from Chan, but otherwise this is more of a realistic adventure not dissimilar to something Hollywood would make.  Director Sheng Ding does a commendable job overall, but with a limited script that offered only a few stand-out moments – I came away thinking that much of this movie’s potential had been wasted.  For fan’s of Jackie Chan, who delivers a very good performance here, this is still entertaining but there remains much better out there, both from Chan and the far-eastern movie scene.

Verdict:  3 /5


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