Oscars results are in!

So being a common or garden Englishman without a subscription to Sky television, I did not get to watch the Academy Awards last night.  However I was pleased to see that a few of my predictions were bang on the nail, namely Christian Bale getting Best Supporting Actor and Colin Firth getting Best Actor.  I think 127 Hours’ James Franco, also the host for the evening, was robbed however as his performance in that film simply amazed me, but at least the academy made up for such a oversite with Natalie Portman getting Best Actress.  Well deserved.  I was hoping that Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky had got the nod rather than the guy who made The King’s Speech, but at least that particular movie got just four awards, for Best Picture and Original Screenplay also, rather than the gushing ridiculousness that was the Baftas.

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