Viewed – 15 February 2011  Cinema

It’s easy to like Brit comedy actors Nick Frost & Simon Pegg, two obvious best buds whose television and movie parings have made for comedy gold, helped by their obvious talent and endless knowledge of pop culture.  Shaun Of The Dead, their big-screen debut was the perfect marriage of romantic comedy and zombie horror and remains one of the best comedies to ever come out of the UK.  Pegg has subsequently gone onto a Hollywood career, starring in the likes of the Star Trek reboot.  But as is expected, he’s right at home alongside Frost, and again we have a sure-fire hit on our hands.

Frost & Pegg play two mates on a road trip around America visiting famous alien-themed tourist attractions like Area 51 and Roswell.  As two self-confessed sci-fi geeks, all their dreams come true when they stumble upon a runaway Alien calling himself Paul (Seth Rogan), who is being chased by the FBI having years previously crash landed on earth and ever since held captive.  Paul also just happens to be a sweary, chain-smoking, one-of-the-lads type that initially takes Frost & Pegg by surprise, and it’s this laid back personality and how he copes with certain situations that makes for the overall entertainment.

The dialogue is what shines here with some priceless lines, and supporting cast members, especially a god-fearing Kristen Wiig and a dead-pan Jason Bateman also get their moment to shine.  Naturally Nick Frost & Simon Pegg are brilliant and instantly relatable, fitting into their characters like a glove (even if Frost seemed a touch subdued).  I will also admit to finding the set up a little slow to get into, and Frost & Pegg’s reaction to an alien encounter lacks believability …  but once Paul is given the spot light, the movie sets off at a swift pace, with Seth Rogan’s voice acting resulting in much spilt pop-corn as I laughed out loud frequently.  Considering this is the first movie the two actors have done without the aid of Scott Pilgrim vs The World director Edgar Wright, the lack of stylish cinematography or fancy editing, causes the movie to feel a bit safe and reserved, but the writing remains sharp, the sci-fi references bang on the nail and overall there’s enough personality throughout to make this viewer leave with a big smile on his face.

Frost & Pegg deliver again then, meaning anything these guys do in the future, I will be there first in line.  Bring it on!

Verdict:  3 /5

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