Dead Space 2 impressions

I loved Dead Space.  That perfect blend of gory shooter action, Silent Hill-like psychological scares, and a healthy nod to movies like Alien and Event Horizon.  It was also damn hard in places, something that can’t be said for many games today.  So the sequel was an instant purchase, and to say I’m impressed, well …

Once again you take control of space engineer Isaac Clarke, now suffering from dementia, who wakes up to find himself on sprawling space city ‘the sprawl’ during a new infestation of the demonic Necromorphs.  Soon he’s tooled up and searching for answers as he blasts disgusting creatures and explores the haunted city.  This ramps up the battle ground compared to the previous space ship The Ishimura, but the gameplay remains familiar, not exactly stepping too far from Dead Space’s impeccable blue-print.  You’ll fight a lot of the same enemies, and on a whole the game looks and feels the same as before.  Thankfully when the previous game was so polished and well executed, this is only a small gripe.

As you progress, new weapons become available and the set pieces, such as zero-gravity sections and showdowns with huge monsters are stunning and brilliantly staged.  Also the enemy AI, especially from new creatures The Stalkers is impressive, and the scares and moments of hallucinations and general freakyness is handled with considerable, unpredictable skill.

This time around Visceral Games have tacked on a multiplayer.  I haven’t bothered with this yet but may report back on it at a later date.  As an experience though the game feels very polished, looks absolutely amazing, with gorgeous lighting effects and a degree of detail in the environments that makes it one of the best looking titles available.  It’s also refreshingly challenging too even on its default difficulty, and that means this is making for a very satisfying and impressive experience so far.


2 thoughts on “Dead Space 2 impressions

  1. I totally loved the first one and the sequel is just as good. Nothing really new going on but it really doesn’t bother me. I wanted more of the same and it’s exactly what I got. The new Rig types are quite nice and some of the new weapons add some new styles of play but overall, the original formula is intact. I’m working through hardcore mode right now. Would love to unlock the “special weapon” from completing this mode. *pew* *pew* *bang!*


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