The Mechanic

Viewed – 03 February 2011  Cinema

Jason Statham has quickly become the go-to actor for tough guy action roles.  He was arguably the best thing in The Expendables and his The Transporter and Crank franchises are a great deal of fun – and he oozes charisma and screen presence.  So now we have him, not exactly playing against type as a seasoned hard-as-nails hitman who finds himself taking a young hoodlum under his wing and training him to be a professional killer like himself, in this remake of the little known Charles Bronson film.

In the third movie I’ve seen him in, Ben Foster plays vengeance seeking ex-con Steven McKenna who turns to Statham’s deadly assassin ‘Bishop’ after discovering his father has been murdered.  As Statham was trained by Steve’s father, he feels he is the best man to help him track down those responsible.  Statham as expected is every bit the unstoppable force, even if the steely-eyed persona and gravelly voice is getting a tad old.  Thankfully Foster breathes life into what could have been a formulaic thriller, and practically steals the show, bringing plenty of emotion and depth to the story.  Director Simon West delivers a gritty action-packed and very cool movie that has plenty of stand-out moments, expertly shot action sequences and a clever script full of twists and turns.  It also has some good moments of humour, and is understandably violent and tough throughout.  I felt the ending was a little rushed, and some of the action was over the top, giving the movie a bit of an identity crisis at times.  Also the villains lacked any sort of character or interesting personality, something that is becoming all too common these days.

This was still  enjoyable entertainment though, and a lot better than I expected.  Check it out.

Verdict:  3 /5

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