The Bounty Hunter

Viewed – 22 January 2011  Blu-ray

Jennifer Aniston was certainly my favourite cast member of Friends.  Quirky, sexy and likable.  So naturally she’s a good fit for a rom-com, and paired with Gerard Butler, that Scot’s lothario from 300 and various other movies, this seems like a marriage made in heaven, right?

Butler plays a former Cop turned Bounty Hunter who lands the job of tracking down his bail jumping reporter ex-wife who is chasing a hot story involving a suspicious suicide.  Of course once the estranged duo meet, they’re not exactly happy to see one another, and soon the bickering begins with Aniston using every trick in the book to escape her captor.  Now, the main reason this movie proves mildly entertaining is the obvious chemistry between Butler and Aniston, and their banter is enjoyable and often very funny.  Aniston has lost none of the star status she had from her TV work, whilst Butler is both charismatic and funny.  What doesn’t work is the backdrop of Aniston’s investigation that is at best incoherent, with no interesting villain and plot details so vague as to be almost non-existent.  It’s obvious this is all about the lead couple, and with that in mind, it works well, but when the plot focuses on anything else … this viewer was left cold.

If you’re a fan of either Jennifer Aniston or Gerard Butler, by all means seek this out.  Otherwise there isn’t a great deal else to recommend it.

Verdict: 2.5 /5


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