Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Viewed – 15 January 2011  Blu-ray

Movies about dating, famously known as rom-coms are a dime a dozen and to be honest, do little to grab my attention.  Now movies about dating with a plethora of video game references and over-the-top surreal special effects, kung fu and sword fights – that’s a different matter entirely! 

This comic-book adaptation (of which I have no prior knowledge) offers up geeky teen actor of the moment Michael Cera as band member Scott Pilgrim, and way too hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead as cool chick Ramona Flowers; two people who begin dating.  Only one problem.  Scott can only continue dating Ramona if he defeats her seven evil ex’s.  Ok, that’s seven problems, but then again, this isn’t your usual movie so the review writing rulebook (that I’ve never followed) goes straight out of the window. 

Directed by Shaun Of The Dead’s Edgar Wright in his American debut, this funny, endlessly refferential and just plain bonkers movie is a great deal of fun.  Michael Cera is perfect as the awkward, navel-gazing teen who thinks he’s found the perfect girl, only to discover she comes with baggage (I didn’t see that coming!), and Miss Winstead is dead-pan, moody and strangely attractive with her cool punk hair cut and doe-eyed beauty.  Amongst the over the top showdowns and acrobatic kung-fu, I found this to be a very sharp satire on dating and all the confusion that comes with it.  Love it has to be said, is anything but straight forward, and beneath all the pyrotechnics, this captures the craziness perfectly.  Wright’s rapid-fire direction, blended with cinematographer Bill Pope’s surreal visuals with some of the fanciest editing I’ve seen, creates probably the purest comic-book movie yet made … but I’m guessing won’t be to everyone’s taste.  This is mad, loud and probably a bit much at times, but overall – I loved it.

Verdict:  4 /5

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