Killzone 2 – impressions

This was one of the big games I had heard a great deal about when first buying my PS3.  Yet only this Christmas have I finally gotten around to playing it.  With Killzone 3 on the horizon, this was something that I had to check out, and I’m so glad I did!

On the surface this looks like any other gung-ho marines verses an evil race first person shooter, and to be honest, it is, but the production values here are off the chart, with highly detailed environments and some of the best character animation I have yet seen.  Killing the Halghast, the Nazi-like opposing force is a joy as they look and sound so alive and add much to the already satisfying gunplay.  Weapons on offer range from your average machine guns, rocket launchers etc, to grenade launchers, electricity guns and (most satisfying) flame throwers.  The game spans about 8-10 hours of gameplay depending on difficulty setting and ability, and I’ve barely been off it.  The large battles on war-torn beaches or claustrophobic corridor gun fights hark back to the finest moments from Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor series, and although for my taste the game felt a tad short, the variety, from driving tanks to commandering exoskeletons makes this a game that just keeps on giving.

I haven’t really touched the multiplayer, which I imagine is fairly polished, but as a single player game this is impressive and gorgeous, a sure-fire show off title for the PS3 (although whether the XBOX 360 could do this or not is open to debate) and definitely one for the collection.

Roll on Killzone 3!!


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