Goodbye Heroes

I just finished watching the final episode of what was one of my favourite TV shows, namely NBC’s much maligned HEROES.  Now I have written on here before about my severe disappointment with the news that it had been cancelled, and that we will not be getting a fifth season.  So now having watched the last episode, I admit to feeling quite sad to see it go. 


Granted, the show did take a bit of a nose dive ratings-wise as it proceeded from season to season, and did become complicated.  Yet overall I found the characters very interesting and the storylines above average for a TV show.  With this final season though, I discovered that it had become a shadow of its former self.  Some storylines so convoluted and unbelievable to border on unintentional comedy (the Syler in Matt’s head being one good example) and the shows creators had clearly forgotten how cool and heroic Hiro could be, choosing instead to give him a brain tumour and make him a more sorrowful and pathetic site.  What ever happened to the cool-ass Katana wielding hero from Seasons One & Two?  It boggles the mind.  Also serial killer Sylar always trying to find his inner ‘good guy’ has never sat right with me.  Yet in this final episode, I felt giving Sylar the opportunity to finally prove himself felt much more better realised than say his good stint in the first half of Season Three.  On a whole this episode was the best the season had to offer, with all the characters coming together, mirroring the ending of Season One … and it worked a treat.

The Volume Six  / Season Five preview also showed much promise with Claire outing her abilities to the world, but also said to me, what would the show have become if the world finally knew of these people?  It would radically change the style of it, and I think ultimately be its undoing – something I’m guessing TV network NBC saw too, hence the cancellation.

So to conclude, I feel the show had run its course.  Many of the characters had gone on journeys of closure and understanding, having ‘found themselves’ in ways that had not been realised previously, and in some ways had shown us all there was to see.  Sylar had discovered what it meant to save a life and do good, Peter had learnt to accept his brother’s death and forgive the man responsible.  Hiro had discovered what the real cost of jumping through time could be, and Claire had chosen to reveal herself to the world, and face whatever outcome – she was done with hiding.  So what more could Heroes really say to us?  Sure there can always be new characters, new situations, new villains, but the ones we had, had certainly done all they need to.

That thought makes me smile, and so I bid HEROES a fond farewell.

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