Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – final thoughts

It’s not often I do this, but this is a game I didn’t think I’d bother completing.  Everything about it SHOULD make for a game I can’t put down, but something about how it played often rubbed me up the wrong way.  I am glad I have finished it, but boy has it been a long slog … and although it’s not a short game (it clocks in at 26 chapters, equaling about eleven hours of gameplay) I have found myself leaving it on the shelf, gathering dust more than playing it.

Why is harder to explain.  Visually I would say its one of the best looking, most technically advanced games I have ever experienced.  The texture detail is faultless, environment effects such as water, rain, sunlight etc are done brilliantly, and animation on the characters and enemies is very lifelike.  The story too is fairly well implemented, although the game borrows heavily from Hollywood movie series National Treasure, the cast are believable and for the most part likable, even if Nathan comes across as a bit of an asshole at times.  Thankfully the interaction between the lead characters is some of the best I have seen, and often all in-game, which certainly impressed me.

Now for game mechanics, the climbing and exploring is the most obvious pull here, and although the combat is well done, it usually came off second best.  I’d love to have the game more about the climbing aspect that shooting countless enemies it has to be said, but then again I often got stuck figuring out where I had to go next or how to open a door.  Yes it may be believable to not have an obvious solution, and that I appreciate, but oh my god did it annoy me when I’d wonder around a level for ages without a clue what I’m supposed to be doing.  So it was a combination of things that kept pushing me out of the game, but on a whole this is a very good, with certain set pieces totally blowing me away and for a PS3 game, it’s easily one of the best on the machine to date – just wished it had less frustrating moments, which stops me recommending it whole heartedly.


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