Prince Of Persia – The Sands Of Time

Viewed – 08 October 2010  Blu-ray

I have been a long time fan of the Prince Of Persia games, although I didn’t consider the first (reboot) of the franchise to be the masterpiece it is often heralded as.  Yet generally I enjoy the gameplay and the setting.  This movie most closely resembles that game, The Sands Of Time, casting against type Jake Gyllenhaal as the cocky hero, a former street urchin taken in by the King and brought up as one of his three sons.  Then after a neighbouring city is suspected of making weapons for the enemy, the King orders his army to raid the city and kidnap the beautiful Princess (Gemma Artertan), who it transpires is the guardian of a sacred dagger that has the power to reverse time.

In many ways this movie is a cross between The Mummy and Pirates Of The Caribbean, but lacks much of the polish of those two franchises mostly down to a predictable script, some face-slapping moments of plot convenience and special effects that aren’t all that special.  Gyllenhaal makes for a likable lead and his bickering / romance with Arterton is convincing and carries the movie well.  The fights and some stylish acrobatics impress even if the free-running, although aping the games and more recently the Assassin’s Creed franchise, seem clumsy compared to other movies (such as District 13).

In concluding though this passes the time well and is enjoyable if forgettable stuff.  For a Blu-ray and a new movie I was shocked by the lack of detail and overall the movie, lush production values aside, underwhelmed for a HD presentation.  Thankfully the soundtrack makes up for this and is very effective, even if the movie lacks a memorable score.

Verdict:  3 /5

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