100,000 VISITORS!!

Hi people!  Just wanted to post my humble appreciation of reaching a rather quite excellent 100,000 visits since I began this blog in April 2007 (!!).  Now perhaps this may not sound that many when compared to some of the blogs out there, but I certainly get a real buzz out of every visit I get and especially when I receive comments.  I have worked hard to make this blog as appealing and as informative as I can, and although I don’t get to watch as many movies or play as many games as I’d like, I do try to inform anyone who visits if what I do watch / play is worthy of your time.  If anyone has come away after reading a review on here and perhaps rushed out to see a movie or buy a game I have recommended, or even avoided something I have said isn’t very good – then that really means a lot to me.   Makes it all worthwhile.

Please keep coming back and I promise to keep you all informed on what is worth seeing or playing, and what should be avoided like the plague.



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