Heroes season 4 arrives!

I finally received the Blu-ray box set in the mail the other day and was charged a whopping £14.29 by customs.  Grr.  Oh well.  This is still my favourite TV show regardless of its recent cancellation by network big wigs NBC.

Watched the first feature-length episode and boy, it was good to have the ol’ gang back … Claire, Peter, Sylar etc.  I will never really understand why this show became so unpopular as the seasons came and went.  Sure the writers made a few mistakes and had some missed opportunities, but overall Seasons 1-3 were very enjoyable.  I will report a little more on this alleged final season the more I watch; just my thoughts really on how it all plays out, and wait, with bated breath an announcement of the rumoured mini-series that Tim Kring recently spoke of in an interview with TV Guide.

For now though here’s my thoughts on some of my favourite Heroes characters and how they have progressed since the show began:

Sylar / Gabriel Gray

The bogeyman of season 1 and a scary, kick-ass villain.  Somewhat side-lined in the cut-short season 2, then given a more human side in Season 3 which I didn’t approve of.  Sylar is ruthless, calculated and psychotic – we don’t need to know his nice side!  A good way of ruining your show’s biggest character.  Thankfully actor Zachary Quinto remains one of the best castings in the show, full of great lines and screen presence.

Claire Bennet

The indestructible cheer-leader has really not been able to do much wrong.  The focus as her being an angst ridden daddy’s girl coping with her powers has never wilted, and that pleases me no end.  Sure I’d like her to have had some kind of love story (the flying boy was a wasted opportunity), but actress Hayden Panattiere always delivers just the right balance of attitude and vulnerability.

Peter Petrelli

A character I think the show’s writers have always had a problem with.  He’s able to absorb other people’s powers, making him very powerful, but then they choose to take them away for silly reasons, like they are aware he’s a character who is too powerful.  His relationship with his brother Nathan is one of the most well observed relationships in the show, and actor Milo Ventimiglia is still the show’s poster boy with his scenes always having plenty of action and style.

Hiro / Ando

This comedy duo of bumbling wannabes always offer a lighter tone to proceedings, although the fact that Hiro can time travel leaves much of the show’s plot open to ridicule, something that like Peter is fixed by taking his powers away when he most needs them.  Yet his time-freezing and time travelling escapades remain one of the big pulls of the show. 

It will be interesting watching what the writers have come up with for this season and I for one will be enjoying every minute.

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