Viewed – 07 August 2010  Blu-ray

A newby recruit to a veteran team of security guards finds himself coerced into stealing a truck containing $42 million.  Yet their seemingly perfect plan soon spirals out of control when one of them has second thoughts.  This tightly woven, intense thriller bares more than a passing resemblance to Reservoir Dogs as a group of (first time) crooks gradually turn against each other when a plan goes wrong. 

Set mostly in the confines of a warehouse with the security guards bickering as to how to solve their problem, this all comes down to the acting talent and the script, which with the likes of Laurence FishburneMatt Dillon and Jean Reno on hand, certainly makes for gripping material even if the situation is basic and the final pay-off a little too easy.  Relative newcomer Columbus Short as the new recruit has plenty of personality and a believable presence as someone  up against the odds with a lot at stake, least of all his wayward kid brother and a mounting debt problem.  He also reminded me a lot of Cuba Gooding Jr.   Director Nimrod Antal makes a lot out of a claustrophobic situation and comparisons to David Fincher’s Panic Room are fair game.  Following up the rather limp Vacancy, this is a much more satisfying and enjoyable movie – delivering nail-biting tension, edge of the seat chases and surprising moments of violence – making for an easy recommendation if you like your movies fast, stylish and forgettable.

Verdict:  3 /5

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