Viewed – 25 June 2010  Blu-ray

Well, another vampire movie.  Even though I’m getting a little tired of the blood suckers these days, this one at least has a rather interesting premise:  A mysterious virus turns 90% of the population of the  world into vampires, and the remaining humans become an endangered species.  Yet these vampires aren’t the monstrous creatures you may be used to but rather civilised, respectable men and women forced to live in a world where the human blood supply is gradually dwindling and as they grow ever more hungry, some begin changing into ravenous creatures, occupying the subways and sewers in their desperate need.  Heading an investigation into finding a blood substitute, Haematologist Ethan Hawke refuses to drink human blood, does not agree with how humans are harvested and would prefer to find a cure.  That’s when a small band of humans call on him and show him that they’ve found a way to turn a vampire back into a human – and it’s just a matter of convincing the vampires that immortality and a thirst for blood is less desirable than being normal again.

This very stylish, futuristic thriller-come-horror has a fine cast, headed by Hawke who is always watchable, and with Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill on hand, this makes for enjoyable, if rather lightweight entertainment.   The action although in short bursts is well staged and the gore and effects work all very well done.  Sam Neill makes for a very intimidating villain and harks back to his performance as Damien Thorn in The Omen 3.  This was a movie however where its concept was bigger than what was put on screen, and I was left wanting more – which is no bad thing, but perhaps with a little more work the script could have delved a little deeper and we could have learnt a lot more about the virus. 

As it stands though, this is an above average vampire fest that certainly proves directing siblings The Spierig Brothers as ones to watch.

Verdict:  3.5 /5


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