The Princess and the Frog

Viewed – 19 June 2010  Blu-ray

Animation can be timeless, and the classic tales of Princes and Princesses, witches and poisoned apples deserve to be seen by the widest audience imaginable, as they are life affirming and magical, and ultimately make you fall in love with movies.  I have always admired Disney and animated movies as a whole, more recently the output of Pixar.  Yet who can forget Disney at their peek?  The Lion King, Aladdin?  Beauty and the Beast?  Gems, all of them.  So here we have their 49th feature and a return to traditional hand drawn animation compared to the over reliance on CGI that has otherwise taken over.

A classic tale of a down on her luck waitress, Tiana who dreams of opening a restaurant and realising her late father’s dream, but despite scrambling together enough money, it seems a simple kiss of a frog is all she ever needs.  Set in the voodoo landscape of New Orleans, this alernate take on the rags to riches story see’s poor Tiana turned into a frog herself and has to accompany a womanising frog-prince through the bayou until she can find a way of reversing the spell.  Packed with gospel and jazz themed song and dance numbers, some quirky characters and a simple but classic storyline, along with a boo hiss villian this has all the ingrediants to be up their with the best Disney has offered.  It’s unique take of a classic fairy tale works wonders and the voice acting is stellar across the board.  The villian is a little wafer thin and lacks the presence of say Jafar or Scar, but all the musical numbers are well done and enjoyable (certianly key to this kind of movie) and the setting is atmospheric and engaging.  Perhaps it’s a tale we see the ending of coming way too easily, but this one has plenty of great moments and a likable, fiesty lead that really, there is little to fault here.

The animation, locations, art work and characters all shine and it all looks superb on Blu-ray with the colours jumping out of the screen.  Add to this DTS HD Master Audio to bring the songs to life, and this is one animated movie that ticks pretty much all the boxes.

Verdict: 4 /5


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