Splinter Cell: Conviction impressions

Well finally got around to buying this game.  Big fan of the series, and have played and completed Splinter Cell #1, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, even though I felt Splinter Cell: Double Agent wasn’t as polished and well made as the others.

This game, even though it cranks up the action element over the stealth, feels very well designed and throughout, playing as Sam Fisher you feel like a total bad-ass.  The new trick to this one is ‘mark and execute’ which brings a whole new element to the game, allowing the player to pin point potential targets without being spotted, then once you have stealthily taken down another enemy, you can then execute those you have marked, basically clearing a room in just a couple of button presses.  Very cool!  At times this new gameplay mechanic can make the game a bit easy (especially once you get weapons that allow you to mark more than 2 targets) but at no time does it not feel enjoyable and action movie-like.  The locations are varied (a flash back to war-torn Iraq being a personal favourite), and the enemies act with intelligence even if their dialogue is repeated over and over to nauseating effect.  Graphically this game doesn’t totally win me over like Gears Of War or Modern Warfare 2, and feels a little last generation but for some good lighting and enviromental effects.

In addition to the main campaign, we have Deniable Ops, a single player and co-operative play series of challenges usually pitting you as a bad-ass secret agent with the simple aim of clearing an area of bad guys.  I haven’t really delved into this portion of the game, as I’m still playing the main campaign … but will report back on my thoughts in the near future. 

For now though, count this as a return to form for the Splinter Cell series, and it’s good to be back in Sam Fisher’s shoes.


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