God Of War 3 – impressions

I loved God Of War #1.  It was a polished, imaginative big budget hack & slash fest that really showed off what the PS2 could do, and although the final battle was so ridiculously hard that I had to knock it down to easy, the game remains one of my all time faves.  I didn’t get the opportunity to play the follow-up, as I was a converted XBOX fan boy then, and PS2 was beginning to feel a little old hat.  Yet now with a PS3 in my possession, rediscovering this franchise afresh certainly got me excited.

First I’ll get the obvious out of the way – this is a beautiful looking game.  With Greek mythology as the backdrop, it’s not short on imagination, and every frame and every corner of the screen is a joy to the eyes.  Thinking back to when I played God Of War #1, the action feels a little less ‘connected’ and although it looks the part, I fail to find that Oomph in every attack that I remember from the first game.  Coming off the underrated Darksiders (itself a GOW clone), this feels somewhat all gloss and no substance, with an angry Kratos thirsty for revenge.  Saying that, this is VERY early days, and I haven’t really unlocked any of the power-ups or different weapons, so these nitpicks may be unfounded. 

I will of course, report more soon.


(UPDATE: 01/05/2010) – Well got to grips with the game now.  Have upgraded some abilities and found new weapons to slay the hordes of Hades.  Learning the controls is key, although it’s far from complicated and I have enjoyed some simple puzzles.  The action is stunning both to play and look at and the locations nice and varied.  Really enjoying this at the moment, even if the story is nothing special, and continues on from GOD #2 which I’ve yet to play.  Still as a PS3 exclusive, this is very hard not to totally recommend.


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