The Girlfriend Experience

Viewed – 25/04/2010  Blu-ray

Acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh last explored the world of sex with his award-winning ‘Sex, Lies & Videotape’, and here he offers us an ultra real look at the life of a high-class call girl.  Real-life adult star Sasha Grey makes her mainstream debut, and handles the documentary approach very well, even if the material is not really a stretch considering her past career.

Set in Manhattan in the lead up to the presidential election, Soderberg’s movie like ‘Lies is less about sex and more about people & politics, and here we see an attractive woman trying to justify what she does under the mask of sophistication and expensive lingerie, but ultimately can’t escape the stigma that she’s still a hooker.  I found it sad that she seemed so naive and unaware of how others looked on her, and was really just leading a fake life, and unable to relate to the normality of her own relationship with her boyfriend.

I might add too that this is a great looking movie, well presented on Blu-ray and the cinematography and overall intimate style create a believable, fly-on-a-wall atmosphere, complemented by some good choices of music.  Sasha Grey is certainly sexy and surprisingly classy too, so lets hope we see more of her (no pun intended).

A thought-provoking drama then, but if you’re after a dirty movie, apart from a couple of moments of nudity, I’d say look elsewhere.  Otherwise this is worth your time.

Verdict:  3 /5


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