The TV show from another place

Look what came into my possession today…

Arguably the most iconic TV series of all time, loved by many, loathed by many… but for me it was typical genius by director David Lynch, who in my opinion is a true original in the business.  As a fan of his movies, especially Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway and Blue Velvet, re-visiting this classic show has been a long time coming … and I’m very much looking forward to it.

I also plan to pick up the movie spin-off ‘Fire, Walk With Me’ at a later stage, which I think compliments the series well, and is surpringly even more bonkers.


3 thoughts on “The TV show from another place

    • Watched the pilot and the first episode last night. Very good…hasn’t particularly aged either, apart from it being in 4:3 format, meaning u get black boarders either side of the screen!

      Also took a look at some of the extras, and amongst other stuff, I saw a very informative and funny round table dicussion of the legacy of the show with David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Madchen Amic and one of the writers.

      There’s a whole 10th disk packed with extras that I’ve yet to dive into though.

      Again thanks for your continued support of this site, Rich.


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