Oscar hopefuls

UPDATED: (10/03/2010)

Well congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow!  I am not overly surprised Avatar didn’t sweep the boards, that when you look past the visual wizardry, the story, good as it is, is nothing perticularly ground-breaking.  I have yet to see Hurt Locker though, so reserve my judgement in the mean time.

By now movie fans know the results of the Oscars, but if your curious, here’s what I predicted…

Best Actor:

Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart.

Heard good things about this performance, and Bridges is well overdue a nod from the academy.

Supporting Actor:

Christoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterdz.

Probably the most celebrated performance of the year, and the main reason to see Quentin Tarantino’s hit and miss WWII epic.

Best Actress:

Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side.

I know nothing about this, but I predict Sandra will get the nod as she’s otherwise up against the same old names, and the academy always likes to surprise us.

Supporting Actress:

Mo’Nique for Precious.

Lots of buzz about this movie and especially for this role from the former stand-up comedienne.

Best Animated Film:

UP, Pete Doctor.

Very highly regarded and Pixar are usually a shoe-in for this category, but another movie could surprise us.

Best Director:

James Cameron for Avatar.

I think the academy will award Cameron the directing honours and not best film.

Best Film:

The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow.

The favourite at the Golden Globes, and I think the same will happen here.

2 thoughts on “Oscar hopefuls

  1. We had a discussion about the Oscars on one of our latest podcasts, although we ended up taking about the best looking female nominees for most of it. I agree on most of your choices, especially Christoph Waltz. He was phenomenal in the role and totally made the movie for me. I also think Hurt locker for best picture. To me avatar is more about the gimmick of 3D than anything, plus the writing really suffers in it. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    – Josh


    • Avatar remains one of my favourite movies of last year mainly for the spectacle and technology, but it’s not Oscar material by any stretch. I plan to watch Hurt Locker on the other hand as soon as I can get a hold of it.


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