Cold Prey

Viewed – 01 March 2010  DVD

A group of friends on a snowboarding holiday find themselves stalked by a masked serial killer after one of them breaks his leg and they take shelter in an abandoned hotel.

It would be easy to write this Norwegian horror off as just another generic slasher movie, which on a whole it is, but with some stylish direction and suspense enhanced greatly by the creepy, snowy location, this still entertains and kept me suitably gripped.  The cast are non-stereotypes and very likable, believable friends and I did find myself caring for them – which in this era of cookie cutter horror movies is rare – no sexist jock, no bimbo.  For the most part this one avoids the clichés, but can still at times be predictable.  I was disappointed that the kills are largely vanilla, and unlike a lot of these kind of films, there’s no sex or nudity to warrant an extra point – just kidding.  Also the editing at times was a little too frantic for its own good, and prevented me from sometimes telling what was on screen.  Yet the main actress (Ingrid Bolso Berdal)  certainly had one of those fiesty women-in peril faces, and gave Jamie Lee Curtis a definite run for her money, whilst the killer himself was imposing and vicious enough to make you hope he returns for a sequel.

If you’re a fan of the genre, by all means seek this one out, as it works very well but perhaps won’t be something you’ll need in your collection.

Verdict:  3 /5

1 thought on “Cold Prey

  1. Ok I just read your blog on this movie as well as the others on the blog page and let me just say, I like how you write. You tell me all the things I would need to know without telling me anything at all. As for this movie itself, I hate horror movies, I am scared of things that go bump in the night but you made it sound so interesting that I may just tell my husband I want to see it. I will probably have nightmares for weeks after but I just have to know if it is as unique as it sounds.


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