Viewed – 27 February 2010 Blu-ray

This French horror steps away slightly from the endurance torture extremities the country has become famed for recently and delivers a more traditional fright fest with a wholly believable premise, made even more terrifying when you discover it’s based on real events.

Following the story of a young couple who live in an old stately home in the middle of nowhere (yes, I know), this one puts the viewer and the couple through a night of terror as they are gradually invaded by an unknown gang of psychos who proceed to torment the terrified couple as they try to escape. With effective use of sound and darkness, this is very unnerving stuff, with a quality in-peril performance from the two French actors (especially Olivia Bonamy). Although at times it’s hard to tell what’s going on and who has invaded the house, this all cranks up the tension to a near-unbearable degree, and made for a very gripping ride. Not particularly violent apart from a few moments when the couple fight back, this was filled with enough atmosphere and dread that any bloodshed would probably have been too much. Hyped on the cover as “Utter, Blind Terror”, this isn’t quite brave enough to really freak you out, but what it does, it does well.

Watch with the lights off for maximum effect.

Verdict: 3 /5


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