Heavy Rain – impressions

Now if you are after something different, this is certainly a game to consider.  A murder mystery serial-killer thriller following the stories of four very different, fully realised characters.  You control the game uniquely in every aspect, not just by moving your character around the environments, but as intricately as brushing their teeth, drying their hair, interacting with a wealth of objects and items, and conversing with other characters by picking out floating subject matter in a limited time.  It all makes for a surprisingly intense and involving experience, aided by some incredibly detailed graphics that for the first time really show you what high definition and the PS3 can do.

Now I have some criticism, mainly the awkward control of your characters movement, especially during intense, fast paced moments where just pointing your character in the right direction can be tricky.  Also the game suffers, at least at this time from some jittery frame rate and a few crashes that made me have to quite out and reload.  Not what I expect from a new game.  But saying that the story is involving and some of the situations, such as trying to find your kid in a crowded shopping mall, made me really feel concern and fear, something I think this game holds unique.  It captures that much coveted movie atmosphere, but doesn’t take away from the ‘game’, therefore achieving the best of both worlds.  It also feels the most genuinely mature game in a long while, even if it falls into cheap titillation and gore sometimes to get its point across.

I do wonder how long this one will take me, as I feel I am breezing through it, but with multiple choices to any given situation, I can see me playing through this repeatedly just to see what direction the story takes.


2 thoughts on “Heavy Rain – impressions

  1. I like the look of Heavy Rain but I wish it was on the XBOX 360 because I don’t have a PS3 – apparently the biggest test of graphics for the PS3 will be Final Fantasy 13 but Heavy Rain’s graphics are quite good too…
    I like the idea that you can do pretty much anything with your characters and everything you do ever so slightly changes the storyline, it’s very intriguing.



  2. Just completed it the other night, and must say, was very impressed – and eager to replay it to see what aspects I can change to alter the outcome.


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