Darksiders – first impressions

Well after buying a PS3 recently, I was eager to sink my teeth into a game that would really absorb me, and after seeing this one being played in a games store recently, and having read many positive reviews, I thought I’d take the plunge.  This action / adventure slash ’em up pits you as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, who after bringing about the end of the world prematurely, is ordered to return to a ravaged and destroyed earth to fight the denizens of hell and somehow restore order once again.  The story is nonsense, but the action, borrowing heavily from God Of War and to some extent The Legend Of Zelda, is chock-full of style as you explore the richly detailed, comic-book inspired world defeating the undead in your quest, and solving a few puzzles along the way.

As the first game by famed comic-book writer / artist Joe Madureira this oozes personality and is a vibrant treat for the eyes, even if on a technical basis it doesn’t push the PS3 much compared to the likes of Uncharted 2.  There’s a deep combat system to master and you can upgrade your abilities along the way, unlocking new weaponry and gadgets at the same time.  The combat feels satisfying and requires a bit of thought more than mindless button mashing, and the variety of enemies is decent, which along with the eye-catching environments, means there’s plenty to keep you enthralled.  I hear it also clocks in at an above average 20 hours, so you won’t be finishing this one too soon either.

So if like me you’re a fan of this sort of game, loved God Of War but can’t wait until God Of War 3 appears, then this will fill the void nicely.

UPDATE (20/01/2010):  Well have done about ten hours of the game so far, and am loving every minute of it.  The gradual build up of abilities and weapons, upgrading and learning new combos can’t be faulted.  The graphical style is superb, and the animation and detail of all the characters, from the demonic enemies to the various bosses is brilliantly done.  War himself is a moody but visually stylish creation and probably looks a bit tougher than God Of War’s Kratos.  Playing it the game for me most resembles PSOne classic Soul Reaver than what some reviews have said it resembles Legend Of Zelda – why?  Bacause it has a boom-a-rang thingy?  On a negative note the game suffers quite badly from frame-rate slow down at times, and screen tare is evident throughout, despite what you may have heard when in comparisson to the 360 version.  This doesn’t spoil the enjoyment of the game though, and I am eager to get back to this one as soon as possible!

One thought on “Darksiders – first impressions

  1. Agreed. This game doesn’t push the bounds of the PS3 nor does it do anything special really. What it does is takes what is great from many games and mashes it all together in a pretty and quite fun hack and slash game. I’m really lovin it. So far have defeated the 4 gatekeepers and moving on 🙂


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