Viewed – 06 December 2009  DVD

Seriously, how interesting can a teen movie about pregnancy really be?  Well I rented this as it had garnered great reviews and built a steady cult following … and well I’ve always had a soft spot for teen movies, at least back when they were really good (Clueless, anyone?).  So I thought, what the hell.

Ellen Page plays tom-boy schoolgirl Juno, a smart-talking, street-wise girl who one night gets a little too friendly with her favourite ‘boy’ friend and falls pregnant.  With no interest in raising a child, she seeks out the perfect couple, that will give the child the future she feels she can’t.  Thankfully this isn’t too navel gazing and ‘message’ filled, as written by Jennifer’s Body writer Diablo Cody it is full of sharp, quotable dialogue, some genuinely funny moments and plenty of interesting, cookie characters – all wrapped up with a soundtrack so hippie brilliant you’ll have the songs stuck in your head for weeks.  Ellen Page is excellent as Juno, building on her audience grabbing turn in low-budget shocker ‘Hard Candy’, and making for one of the more interesting young female actors in the biz.  Michael Cera, hot off Superbad is also perfectly cast as her on/off boyfriend, as is pretty much everyone else – including an always dependable J K Simmons as Juno’s protective but un-smothering father.

So to conclude, this is one of the more effective and heart-warming teen movies for some time, and is mature enough not to thrust its more deeper themes down your throat – and you still get the point.  Class stuff.

Verdict:  5 /5


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