Bad Biology

Viewed – 14 November 2009  DVD

Frank Henenlotter has the kind of movie making C.V. that I’d imagine he doesn’t exactly shout about in certain circles.  You see, he made a trio of bad taste horror oddities in the form of Basket Case, none of which I’ve seen, and also Frankenhooker, which I kinda wish I had.  His brand of goof-ball comedy horror is certainly an acquired taste, and the same can be said for this trippy sex comedy.


Charliee Danielson (yes, I’ve never heard of her either) plays, the best I can figure a photographer-come-pop video director who has a very high sex drive due to having a very unique vagina.  Ahem, this is a tricky one to explain.  She craves orgasms like drug-addicts crave their next fix, and is constantly on the look out for her next shag.  Now the downside to this is she has a very unusual reproductive system, and gives birth within minutes of having sex, every time she has sex, leading to a string of unwanted, screaming tots that are barely human.  Now at the same time, we have a guy, whose mutated penis has a mind of its own and he keeps injecting it with steroids to calm it down.  The two seem destined to meet, don’t you think?

Now that’s the plot in a nutshell – so what is it actually like?  Well for one it has tons of sex, nudity, bare asses, boobs, full-frontal nudity, and even a rabid penis-monster (!), but none of it is titillating – it feels like a really freaky soft-core porn film, with the required awful acting and bonkers plot.  Yet strangely it is fun depending of course on how broad-minded you are.  So to conclude, if you’re into really weird, somewhat sick and twisted movies, with a sense of humour, then this is worth a look – but everyone else should probably stay clear.

Verdict:  3 /5

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