More Natural Born Killers

Following my previous post reviewing the theatrical cut of the movie, I have recently got hold of the director’s cut on blu-ray (still currently only available in the U.S.), and although I stand by the review, saying what is available in this uncensored version has little effect on the overall entertainment of the movie, any fan of Natural Born Killers should know – this is a movie that should never have been cut in the first place.  Finally we get the warts-and-all complete version, that although structurally identical to the theatrical cut, has just that little bit more attitude and bite.

New to the Blu-ray director’s cut is a 22 minute documentary exploring the impact of the movie and how it would be treated in this internet, information-obsessed age, which is invaluable – as is the older ‘chaos rising’ featurette that appeared on the DVD version of this cut.  Add to this all the extras from the previous release and a 44 page booklet (with a new Oliver Stone introduction) that is basically a re-issue of the original releases’ book contents.  Shame on Warners for making us double-dip, but if like me you need to have NBK in your collection, this is well worth the purchase.

Still one of the boldest, daring and craziest main-stream movies ever made.

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