Viewed – 17 October 2009  DVD

Now, don’t get me wrong … I was initially all over this one like a bad case of herpes.  A group of seemingly normal people (hiding secret super powers) are hunted down by a shady organization hell bent on creating a race of super soldiers – hello Heroes rip-off, or maybe a nod to the X-Men franchise.  But then I watched it, and oh my god did I have a hard time following a movie!  Yet this isn’t no David Lynch labyrinthine mystery, this is a sci-fi action movie!  So why so bloody complicated and, to put it bluntly, incoherent?

Fantastic Four’s Chris Evan’s plays a guy who witnesses the murder of his super-powered father as a child, and ever since has been trying to master his abilities and find the man responsible.  Step in street-wise 13 year old Dakota Fanning, who enrolls Chris in her quest to find a girl (Camilla Belle) who we see escape a government facility in the opening credits, having survived a powers-enhancing injection that had previously killed all other test subjects. 

Shot with no end of style and with some decent action sequences (although nothing to worry Michael Bay), this is fast paced and packed with personality, and has some genuinely good ideas, yet where it fails miserably is in the telling of the story – most of the time I had no idea why certain characters were doing certain things, and where they were going and what for.  It began to annoy the hell out of me, because this had the potential to be killa entertainment.  Chris Evans makes for a likable lead, but Dakota Fanning as expected for such a talented child actor steals every scene from under her older co-stars without breaking a sweat – she definitely has screen presence.  Just a shame them that she’s stuck in a movie that tries so hard to be all clever and twisty, but in the end just left this viewer cold, and confused.

Verdict:  2 /5

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