Viewed – 30 September 2009  DVD

I was never a fan of the post-apocalytic Aussie action franchise Mad Max.  All that moody desert landscape stuff and screaming mad men in armoured cars – not my bag.  So on first hearing of this British-made Escape From New York meets 28 Days Later, I was less than underwhelmed, even if it was by the director of the mostly excellent The Descent.


Now fast-forward to present, having just finished watching it, and what can I report?  In 2035, 27 years after the outbreak of the Reaper virus kills millions, a strain of the disease erupts in London, threatening the world, and so a team of specialist soldiers are sent into the abandoned wasteland of Glasgow in a hope to find a cure.  Rhona Mitra, former Tomb Raider model and all round hot stuff plays total bad-ass Major Sinclair, and is this movie’s meal ticket as every time she is on screen she raises the movie out of it’s b-movie routs by being so cool.  Add to this some admirable production values, plenty of gung-ho action and lots of gore, as well as a killer soundtrack  – and it’s obvious this was done with one word in mid:  fun! 

Director Neil Marshal follows up The Descent with this boys-own fantasy of a movie that has all the ingredients any testosterone fueled guy craves – guns, car-chases, explosions and tits!  Hell yeah!  Saying that we also get a cast of Brit heavy weights in the form of Bob Hoskins and Malcolm McDowell to lend the pop-corn proceedings some class.

Definitely one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve seen in a long time.

Verdict:  5 /5

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