Role Models

Viewed – 25 September 2009  DVD

Well this was a change of pace for someone like me who is more attracted to thrillers or horrors; a gentle, slightly course comedy starring American Pie’s Sean William Scott and rom-com stalwart Paul Rudd.  They play two sort-of friends who work as advertising agents selling an energy drink to schools, with Scott dressed up as a Minotaur and Rudd as the straight-man.  Try and keep up.  The concept is woefully basic with these guys getting in trouble after Rudd’s girlfriend dumps him, and they end up doing community service at a troubled-childrens organisation, headed by a former crack whore.  I can’t believe I’m typing this!

Anyway, this sets up the typical fish out of water element as these two lackluster guys have to baby sit two very different kids, one a nerdy dungeons & dragons obsessed social outcast, the other a bad-mouthing black kid stereotype.  The comedy of course comes from Scott introducing said black kid to his womanising world (yeah, that’s not a little wierd at all…) and Rudd learning to be a better person by helping the nerd learn that his lifestyle is not necessary wrong, despite what his parents believe.

Scott & Rudd make for a likable duo, with naturally Scott getting all the best lines (even if some of them seem a little forced), but overall despite obvious enthusiasm from the cast, this is a by-the-numbers, slight comedy that at one turn is not silly enough to get you laughing regular, and not meaningful enough to leave a lasting impression.

Verdict:  2 /5

2 thoughts on “Role Models

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