Welcome back HEROES!!

Well despite some trepidation after the wealth of negative press bestowed upon this show of late, I have today sat down and watched the first episode of Season 3 of my favourite show … HEROES!   In the coming weeks I will report back on various stand-out episodes and offer up my opinion on how this often critisized show fairs during this third season.


The second coming

Well after the cliff hanger of the second season finally when politician Nathan Petrelli was shot by an unknown assailant during a press conference where he was about to reveal to the world he had the ability to fly, we quickly jump up to speed with a future-Peter Petrelli who escapes near-execution by a bad-ass version of Claire (!), only to jump back in time to the present and gun down his own brother.


This action-packed episode seemed a great re-introduction to the series and seems as effective as I remember enjoying in Season 1 & 2 (and yes, Season 2 may not have been as killer as the first, but I still enjoyed it immensely).  Here though many questions are raised, such as how is Linderman alive, after being supposedly killed by Nikki’s boyfriend D.L. in Season 1?  Although he did seem underused in season 1, considering we have the great Malcolm MacDowell filling his boots.   And how did Nikki (Ali Larter) survive the fire in the closing episode of season 2, to be with some rich guy in one scene?  Although she seemed more in evil Jessica mode.

It was also good to finally see what Sylar does once he cuts off a victims head, and interesting that he chose not to kill Claire – he saw something different in her, but now he has her power – so is he unstoppable now?  Shudder.  Zachery Quinto is still brilliant as evil nut-job Sylar, and overall everyone seemed as interesting as usual.  I was also glad to see some sort of rivalry hinted at between Ando & Hiro when Hiro sees Ando attack him in the future. 

Update (24/09/2009):  I have now watched three episodes, and still struggle to see what some of the bad reviews of this show are talking about.  Ok, it’s complex, some characters are taking on new roles (Mohinder doing his best impression of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, and Sylar in an impressive F.B.I. agent impersonation; developing the character from the otherwise one-note psychopath), but still I’m hooked.  Some of the questions raised by the opening episode are now answered, the mystery involving Nikki’s death then bizarre resurrection has been resolved, seeming like she has ANOTHER twin (or triplet, but clues suggest cloning…), and the return of Linderman is a bit more understandible.  Yet hell, I like some of the twists and turns, and the budget is still high with some impressive special effects (loving The Speedster at the moment too).  I remain very optimistic that this will be a cracker of a season.  Damn the critics!!

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