Viewed – 08 September 2009  Blu-ray

As a growing fan of Clive Owen, this was another no-brainer following the enjoyable The International a couple of weeks previous.  This time Clive is teamed with Julia Roberts, another favourite of mine who seems to have been away from anything I’ve wanted to see for too long.  The pair play rival con-artists / corporate spies working for rival firms, eager to out do one another at every turn.  When it transpires that one company is on the verge of revealing a ground-breaking, money spinning new product, Roberts & Owen decide to team up to con both firms and come out on top. 


This cleverly written, sharply paced romantic comedy / drama (it seems to dip its toe in many genres) reminded me a lot of Clive Owen debut (?) film Griffters, and had the same atmosphere of smart-ass beautiful people trying to get rich as under-handed as possible.  Roberts & Owen make for an appealing on-screen couple even if their bickering and rivalry gets in the way of any real chemistry, despite lots of snogging and bed hopping.  The script is stuffed to bursting with knowing, clever dialogue that for me felt a little unnatural at times like the director or writer knew how cool his words sounded and didn’t stop to think if they sounded believable.  Still this is an enjoyably complicated movie, that although I almost lost my way a couple of times, leads to a genuinely surprising climax, is full of eye-catching, globe trotting scenery to show off the blu-ray’s beautiful picture and has some great scene setting music.  Yet ultimately this is a film a little too clever and smart for its own good, limiting for me the overall entertainment factor – and Roberts has been so much better in many other movies – sadly not the come back I was hoping for.

Verdict:  3 /5

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