The International

Viewed – 25 August 2009  Blu-ray

Clive Owen plays a swarve Interpol agent who witnesses the death of his colleague after meeting an informant during an investigation into the corrupt dealings of a banking organisation.  Teaming up with a gutsy district attorney (Naomi Watts), the two attempt to expose the bank’s role in an international arms ring, whilst at the same avoiding getting themselves killed. 

This intelligent, fascinating thriller plays very relevant to our current economical climate and I found it absorbing, shot stylishly from the director of the acclaimed Run Lola Run, with an eye-catching globe-trotting canvas.  Clive as usual for one of my faves is immediately watchable and carries the film effortlessly, with moments of Bond-like charisma that proves he would have been a brilliant 007.  Watts lends pretty support but has been better in other films, proving she’s one of those actresses that can still get by even when the role is limited.  Thankfully the film moves at a slick pace, has one stand-out action scene in a museum, but stumbles in it’s final act with not enough (or perhaps too much) information to prevent this viewer from loosing his way.  Saying that this also boasts some brilliant cinematography that bring the various locations to life, has a tough, gung-ho, violent atmosphere and kept me guessing (I’m still wondering now what was really going on), but anyone with the slightest curiosity about arms-dealing, corrupt banks and shady politicians should get plenty from this – just try and not get a headache figuring it all out.

Verdict:  3 /5

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