Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Viewed – 08 July 2009  Cinema

I loved the first Transformers movie, released to an unsuspecting cinema audience two years ago.  It was a surprisingly effective action sci-fi yarn based on the Hasbro children’s toys that, while not taking itself too seriously, still felt like a proper pop-corn movie.  Thanks in no short way to at-the-time new kid in town Shia LaBeouf and the commendable action credentials of director Michael Bay

This admittedly very quick follow up has much the same cast, including Lebouf’ and his unlikely girlfriend Megan Fox (who for some reason has become a bit of a name since the first movie, but remains tits & ass and nothing more here), and Michael Bay returning, albeit this time leaving his stabilizers off – as unlike the first film which had the sense to gradually build up to some jaw-dropping action set pieces, this movie is pretty much 2 and a half hours of explosions, robots, car chases and an overload of special effects.  I loved the first film because it was paced just right.  Pacing here is more akin to ‘throw everything at the screen and see what sticks’.  Well I can tell you this – it gave me a headache, and with a weak story about a long lost weapon and an old enemy thought to be dead laying the smackdown against the Autobots on Earth … this can’t match the first film.  Saying that the effects, if anything are even more astonishing, the action superbly realised, and the whole show does look the nuts.  But I dunno, I was just hoping Michael Bay would have remembered the personality and character interaction that made the first Transformers stand out.  A weak ‘say you love me’ sub-plot between Shia & Megan does not count!!  On a side note though, the Transformers did seem funnier (especially the ‘twins’ and that little jive-talking thing), but the Decepticons were almost side-lined this time around with much of the villainous showmanship blurring into one.

Still, as far as a trip to the cinema goes, this was still good fun.

Verdict:  3 /5


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