Improved sound system

Hi.  I have been wanting to boost the quality of the sound I get when watching DVD / Blu-ray in the main room of my house via the Panasonic Blu-ray and the Samsung LCD.  Well considering I was reluctant to shell out on an expensive home cinema system, I have gone for a very reasonably priced (around £70) 2.1 speaker system which is to be connected directly to my Blu-ray’s stereo jacks.  I know, I still won’t be getting Blu-ray’s much celebrated 7.1 sound quality.  But that does not concern me.  I just want a bit more Oomph than I currently get from the Samsung’s rather basic built-in speakers.

Here’s a quick picture of what I have gone for.  I’ll report back soon on what I think of it.

JBL Spot 2.1 Sound System

JBL Spot


UPDATE (15/07/2009):

Well although not having watched a full movie yet, I have given the system a good try out, and can reveal that it packs quite a punch.  The bass, even at medium level really kicks some power out, and in movies like Terminator 2, Taken and the opening title music to Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, I was very impressed.  At times it sounded like a system three times the cost!!!  Naturally when watching a full length movie some trial and error will take place with the overall volume to get it to a comfortable level everyone can enjoy, but for now I’m very pleased I purchased this system, and recommend it to anyone after some quality sound enhancement to their basic LCD speaker set up, when on a budget.


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