The House Bunny

Viewed – 03 June 2009  Blu-ray

I know, I don’t watch that many comedies, and it’s not because I don’t like them … far from it.  I’m just you might say, selective, or lazy.  Anyway this light and fluffy comedy centres around a ditsy good-hearted playboy bunny girl who one day gets evicted from the Playboy mansion after receiving a letter from ‘Heff on her 27th birthday.  Shocked and disappointed, having lived at the house all her life, said Bunny girl Shelley has seemingly nowhere else to go.  That is until she wonders into a college campus and befriends a group of down on their luck students scared of being evicted from their own sorority house due to lack of pledges. 


Fair enough this is a stupid story, but Anna Farris is excellent and totally likable as the fish out of water who sees a chance to turn her life around through these nerdy, hippie and goth dressed outsiders.  Predictable for sure, but with plenty of charm, a great pop-rock soundtrack featuring the likes of Avril Lavigne and The Ting Tings.  Emma Stone, who bares an uncanny resemblance to Lindsay Lohan is brilliantly funny, almost stealing the show, but obviously Farris is the real comedy talent here, as proved in the Scary Movie franchise, and this, her first self-produced outing shows she’s definetly got it.

Verdict:  3 /5

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