Children Of Men

Viewed – 31 May 2009  DVD

I had heard very good things about this, and as a growing admirer of Clive Owen, and hearing this was one of his best roles, well, that’s just a no brainer, isn’t it?  Based on the novel by P.D. James, this follows the gritty story of an ex-activist who becomes unwittingly involved in the deportation of a pregnant women, in a future London setting where the human race has become infertile, with no child born in eighteen years.

Alfonso Cuaron’s powerful film seems staged on  a battle field with everything ready to blow at any given minute.  The chaotic scenes of combat between immigrants, resistance and military is up their with battles from Saving Private Ryan, and just as heart-stopping.  Owen is the gravity at the centre of the chaos and his performance is assured, even if supporting cast are portrayed wafer thin, with only a comic-turn from Michael Caine really standing out.  What ultimately lets this down though, despite the wealth of acclaim I’ve heard is that the story although interesting, is a tad confusing and its hard to completely understand why some people are doing certain things.  Thankfully the cinematography and stunningly staged action makes up for such short comings, and this remains an incredible film to look at.

So maybe, although its a thinker of sorts, with its topical subject and believable portrayal of the future, sometimes its better to just switch your brain off and enjoy the fire works.

Verdict:  3 /5

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