Viewed – 10 May 2009  Cinema

I can see what this movie was attempting straight away, to be a gritty, ultra-real look into the mostly hidden world of the Neapolitan crime syndicates in modern day Italy.  Moving away from such caricatures in the likes of The Godfather, and showing what real crime organisations are about and how they operate.

But what we get is messy, unfocused and cheaply made with a seemingly random series of events, a handful of characters you want to be interested in, but are painted so paper thin its impossible to be pulled in by them, and a structure that is all over the place.  Apparently the book on which this film is based is superior journalism about the damming effects of crime on an impoverished community, and although there are moments here that are powerful and shocking, its hard to care all that much because you are told almost nothing about these people or their motives.  Vague cinema such as this is probably best kept in the country it came out of.

The end credits are preluded by a description of the Gommora and the real-world events, and this is more interesting than the 2 hours that proceed it.

Verdict:  2 /5


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