Lost In Heroes

The other week I decided to get back into acclaimed TV show ‘Lost’.  I had watched the first two seasons but was unable to get into season three as it vanished from terrestrial television here in the UK and bought by satellite company ‘Sky’.  Grrr.  Which I don’t have.  Double grrr.

So you might ask what did I watch in those wilderness years between the end of season two and now purchasing the third season on DVD?  Well my main show of choice was The Sopranos, of which I have collected the entire six seasons on DVD and loved every minute of it – yet sadly that show is no more.  So then came along Heroes, the show it seemed everyone was talking about at one stage, but I missed most of season one on tv so got hold of it on DVD for XMAS.  As a family we sat down and watched the rather fascinating concept of seemingly normal folks who learn they have incredible abilities, such as series cover-girl Claire, an indestructible cheerleader who seems to be the key to the whole show… ala ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ – a phrase that quickly took off and over the course of 25 exhilarating episodes, I fell in love with Heroes.


Season Two was met by some disdain though, blighted as it was by the writer’s strike, it was a pitifully short eleven episode run, and wasn’t the ground-breaking burst of adrenaline the opening season was … the creators going for a slower, more relaxed approach.  I still loved it though and any further adventures of these great characters was destined to please me no end.  I therefore await the ‘back to form’ season three with baited breath!!!

In the mean time though, I have season three of Lost, a show I really did like, its mystery and its overall concept seeming fresher than anything I had seen on TV in years… helped on by the incredible cast of diverse characters – all with their own stories to tell and their own mysteries.  This is a show that has so much you can do with it, so much to say and also enough brains to keep you guessing at the same time.  I’m enjoying what I have watched recently, and yes I know I am a little behind, but the freedom that DVD offers in being able to watch one of my favourite shows ‘when I want’.  Makes up for whatever I haven’t seen.


So to close, we have two shows, both with their own unique qualities, some negative press along the way but most importantly, well written and well acted with each episode making you hunger for the next – as all quality television should be.

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