Viewed – 09 April 2009  DVD

Now I have a pretty broad minded taste when it comes to films, and have seen some rather extreme pieces of cinema in my time … but let me say this now … this is one of the most uncomfortable films I have ever sat through, and while it’s made with a degree of skill, the dark, foreboding style and subject matter left me with a rather bad taste in my mouth.

This is a strange film to review as it plays out very unusually, starting with the end credits, then events transpire in reverse, as we follow a murder at a gay club, then a man searching for someone, then a very very nasty rape scene, and finally a happy opening near the end.  French actor Vincent Cassel plays a man desperately searching for the person who attacked his girlfriend (Monica Bellucci) but nothing is really that straight forward.  This is less a film about answers and more about how lives can be shattered and the passage of time can ruin everything.  Cheery stuff indeed.  To put it short, if you can’t handle images of sadistic violence, graphic sex or narratives that are all over the place, then move along – this is not for you.  On the other hand, if you like to be challenged and pushed to your limits when watching something … give this a look.  But I warn you now – once seen is not easily forgotten.

Verdict:  3 /5


2 thoughts on “Irreversible

  1. Monica Belluci is the hottest woman of all time, who just happens to be in the most uncomfortable movie scene of all time lol. I can’t even really enjoy this mvoie becuase that ‘scene’ pretty much overshadows everything else in it. Thanks for sheding some light on this film though, not nearly enough people know about it!


  2. This film pretty much scarred me for life! Not just because of the rape scene, but the violence that opens the film is also very hard to swallow as well. It’s an interesting film though and I’m glad I’ve watched it. I just don’t think I ever could again.


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