Blu-ray wow list

Having watched several Blu-ray titles so far since getting my Panasonic DMP BD35 a few months ago, here’s my  list of my watched discs, in order of picture quality.  It is difficult to judge picture quality as this can be dependent on the film itself, and darker lit or older movies seem to have faired the worst.


(Studio, Video coding, Region)


1.  Eastern Promises  (Universal, VC-1, US)

2.  Casino Royale: Deluxe Edition  (Sony, AVC, UK)

3.  Kung-Fu Panda  (Dreamworks, AVC, UK)

4.  National Treasure 2:  Book of Secrets  (Disney, AVC, UK)

5.  Speed Racer  (Warner Bros, VC-1, UK)

6.  Tropic Thunder  (Paramount, AVC, UK)

7.  Dawn of the Dead: Unrated Director’s Cut  (Universal, VC-1, US)

8.  Rocknrolla  (Warner Bros, VC-1, UK)

9.  Taken  (20th Century Fox, AVC, UK)

10.  Starship Troopers  (Touchstone, VC-1, UK)

11.  Million Dollar Baby  (Entertainment, MPeg2, UK)

12.  Cloverfield  (Paramount, VC-1, UK)

13.  Zodiac: Director’s Cut  (Warner Bros, VC-1, UK )

14.  Reservoir Dogs: Limited Collector’s Edition  (Lionsgate, MPeg2, UK)

15.  Batman Returns  (Warner Bros, VC-1, UK)

16.  Chungking Express  (Artificial Eye, AVC, UK)

17.  Natural Born Killers  (Warner Bros, VC-1, US)


I might add that all the discs mentioned above have very good, clear picture quality and will be an upgrade from the original DVD editions, but on a whole to show off Blu-ray to anyone with any doubts, I’d recommend the top 3 before anything else.

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