Resident Evil 5 impressions

Picked this up last Thursday and have got to grips with it a fair bit.  I have been a long time fan of the Resi franchise ever since it was the main reason I picked up a Playstation all those years back to play Resi 2 and fall head over heels in love.  On the Dreamcast I played and nearly completed (if the damn thing hadn’t busted on me) RE: Code Veronica, and then onto the Gamecube where the remake of Resi 1 wowed me all over again. 


This game is closely modelled on the Resident Evil revamp that was part 4, where voodoo Spanish zombies replaced the generic undead and new life was given to the whole franchise, along with a new, cooler over the shoulder view point making the game more action-based than before.  This game takes that formula and sets it in Africa with voodoo Africans and possessed villagers to do battle with and now a new partner in the shape of Sheva, a tough African marine out to lend a hand.  OK, this idea was kinda introduced in Resident Evil Zero on the Gamecube, but as nobody really played that, what the hell – and here you can go on XBOX Live and get a buddy to control Sheva for a whole new experience than what you get in single player.

Gone are the type-writer save points (it now regularly auto saves), and there’s no meeting up with a wierd cloaked figure to buy items (which I do miss, to be honest) as every new chapter or new load of the game gives the opportunity to buy from an item shop before playing.  The awkward item management is still there, but this is small potatoes when everything else is so finely tuned.

Quality stuff.

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