P2 – Parking Level Two

Viewed – 18 Jan 2009  DVD

Ok this set up is as derivative as they come…a beautiful career girl, working late at the office becomes locked in the building as she attempts to leave on, wait for it – Christmas Eve!  A kindly parking attendant comes to her rescue, and soon she’s waiting in the lobby for her cab.  Yet shock – all the doors are locked and she can’t leave, so again she goes looking for said parking attendant, and suddenly falls victim to an unhinged psychopath – cue cat & mouse thrills mixed with some genuine scares and wince-inducing gore.

This at first seen it all before horror breaks out from similar straight to DVD fair by having a thoroughly believable performance from Rachel Nichols as the hunted heroine.  This girl sure knows how to look scared!  But thankfully she also has enough brass-balls to be more than a match for said psychopath.  There’s some great moments, some eye catching camera work and a genuinely unnerving atmosphere.  Making this one of those horrors you’ll have never heard of, thats actually worth picking up.

Verdict:  3 /5

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