Viewed – 20 December 2008  DVD

Musical Masterpiece Edition

It’s been a long time since we were privileged to a real gem of a Disney movie.  Pixar’s stellar output doesn’t really count as they were once a studio in their own right, and really it hasn’t been since Beauty & The Beast, The Lion King and especially Alladin that I have come away from a film feeling so…how can I put it?  Uplifted!


Aladdin features some of the best songs (A Whole New World an instant classic) and comedy and art design of the entire Disney cannon, and is, next to The Lion King my favourite Disney film of all time.  But enough gushing from me – what’s it got going for itself that makes it so special?  It’s simple really:  Robin Williams’ Genie, one of the most fun, likable characters I think Disney has ever come up with.  Add to this some great comedy from the former Mork of Ork, and even a human, emotional side with his desire to be free some day.  I also think Aladdin himself is a great character, free of that annoyance factor of some Disney leads, and in addition we get a wonderful love-interest in the form of Princess Jasmin, easily up their with the best Disney beauties.

In this age of High Definition Computer Animation, it is also pleasing just how well Aladdin holds up – yes its 2D, something of a dying art these days which is very sad, as the look of the film’s Arabian locales is a feast for the eyes.  A Disney Classic worthy of the name.

This edition is rather extras-light as its more of a sing-a-long version with optional karaoke subtitles, a downloadable song  and a lyric book.  What is good though is the films excellent image and sound quality that looks its best on the biggest screen you can get hold of.

Verdict:  5 /5

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