Far Cry 2

What do you do when the three best games available right now are all (kinda) about something you’re not sure you want to play?  To explain, Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 have one thing in common – they are all free-roaming, go anywhere adventure-styled action games.  Now this would normally be great, but after the straightforward thrills of Mirror’s Edge and Gears Of War 2, the freedom offered by the aforementioned games, well wasn’t greatly appealing to me.  I dunno – I just prefer a game that is linear, by that I mean I know where I’m going and what I’m meant to do etc.

So here we are with Far Cry 2.  Hey it’s first person, and it has guns!  So what’s my opinion?  Well at the moment I’m struggling… the problem with this game is that it’s set in a rural African country with trees and stuff…meaning when in a fire fight, there’s often the problem of not being able to see who the hell you’re shooting at..causing many a quick death. But there’s stuff I like too – the vehicles handle brilliantly, its fun exploring the huge environment, you can meet people, gain buddies that help you out if you get killed, and you can look for diamonds and buy new weapons so to become a real bad ass.  Its not as pretty as I thought it would be (I suppose I’ve kinda been spoilt lately) but it is interesting…it has potential.  I will report more soon once I get to grips with it properly.

UPDATE:  Well played the game a fair bit last few days and am really enjoying it.  I think the graphics are very good (especially the fire effects, and the  shadows / lighting) and the enemy intelligence is quite realistic (most of the time) allowing you to really play around with them and cause chaos.  It’s fun too making stuff burn, exploding ammo depos and watching the fireworks.  The game is also quite complex in the weapon buying / upgrading and taking on several different missions.  I also found it quite fun exploring the environment, searching for diamonds etc.  Overall I am glad I own this game.

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