Phantasm II

Viewed – 30 November 2008  DVD

Well having sat down and watched the first Phantasm recently, I thought I may as well check out it’s slightly better received sequel – a movie where the cover alone always made me wonder two things as a adolescent teenager:  Is it scary?  Is that chick naked?  For some reason though – I never ventured past those initial ponderings when the likes of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Evil Dead 2, From Beyond etc lined the shelf alongside it and said a whole lot more to me.

Following on seven years after the last film, Mike (the kid from the first film, now played by a better looking different actor, naturally) is in a psychiatric hospital and is released.   For some reason which is never explained, Mike has a psychic connection with some blonde girl he has never met.  He goes back home and starts digging up graves (to see if The Tall Man has been stealing bodies again) and finds many lying empty.  Step in his elder brother’s friend Reggie, and after witnessing Reggie’s never-seen family die in an exploding house – the odd-ball duo set out to find The Tall Man armed with weapons that would make the A-Team blush.

This, like the last film is hilariously bad, with terrible acting and makes not one ounce of sense.  Unlike the last film though, has at least a couple of hundred bucks added to the budget (ooh, the mortuary is a bit more swish, ooh the make-up effects are a bit ickier), but above all else its full of energy.  You get the impression the cast and film makers had a ball making it. 

But despite what it’s legacy may suggest, the Phantasm films, especially the first two were just plain bad movies – but bad in a way that is still fun to sit through.

Extras feature a worthy commentary with the director and cast, trailers, tv spots and a selection of photos to flick through.

Verdict:  2 /5


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