Viewed – 24 November 2008  DVD

There is little better than the pure, innocent joy that can be achieved from watching a well made animated feature film.  There’s something timeless about their magical charm, especially from those geniuses at Disney that can just make you feel very good inside.  At the forefront of this wonder is Pixar – probably the most celebrated animation studio currently working, and their back-catalogue of movies reads like a who’s who of cinematic candy.  So every time they release a new one, I am there ready to be amazed and dazzled all over again.

Last year’s Ratatouille was great even if the concept of a gourmet cooking rodent was bizarre to say the least.  This is no less unconventional following the story of a lonely trash-compacting robot named Wall-E who is the last of his kind, going about his day to day work on a desolate, long abandoned Planet Earth.  Then one day a space ship arrives and another robot (Eve), sleeker and evidently female comes into Wall-E’s simple existence and before long the little robot is whisked off on an intergalactic adventure.

What I immediately liked about this was the simplicity…its not too demanding or complex, and is basically a love-story at its heart, with a underlying ‘green’ environmental message that thankfully is never hammered home too strongly.  Wall-E and Eve make for a great duo and even though they have near-non-existent vocabulary they are full of personality and emotion – to the point of this being rather tear-jerking at times.  Sniff sniff.  As ever with Pixar the animation is BEAUTIFUL and this is probably one of the most vibrant, gorgeous looking films I have seen.  The story is really heart-warming, there’s some great moments of comedy (with clever nods to sci-fi classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey) and most importantly – I just came away in feel-good mode that lasted the rest of the day.  Its the kind of films you can’t wait to tell people about.

A special mention has to go to the extra features on this 2 disc set, with a lengthy documentary covering the history of Pixar, some great short animations by the company, plenty of behind the scenes stuff (which always fascinates me) and a feature commentary by the director – this is a packed, worthy set.

Verdict:  5 /5

1 thought on “Wall-E

  1. I just watched this last night! I loved it, as did the entire family. I agree that it was a beautiful, touching, and entertaining movie. 🙂


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